Kameo: Elements of Power

When Theena the Elf Queen passes down the ability to become all of the Elemental Warriors and the Wotnot Book to her younger daughter Kameo, Kalus, the first daughter, grows jealous. In an act of revenge, she kidnaps her mother, her two uncles and her aunt, then proceeds to torture them. As part of her revenge scheme, she releases the ancient curse which held the evil troll king Thorn captive by kissing him on the lower lip and unleashes his troll army upon the world. Kameo dashes to their rescue, only to be knocked unconscious and left on The Mystic’s doorstep. The Mystic informs her that the Elemental Warriors are now Elemental Sprites who have been captured by the Shadow Trolls. She now has to rescue and absorb the Elemental Sprites, save her family and defeat Kalus and Thorn.
After getting all of the sprites, freeing three of her family members (who also tell her more about her past, such as her really being an orphan that Solon, the Elf king found and brought back to his kingdom as well as Solon being murdered by Thorn) and making her way to Thorn’s Airship to save her stepmother, Kameo confronts the two villains and wins after knocking Kalus out with Chilla’s ice spikes. Whilst unconscious, some flashbacks occur through Kalus‘ mind which reveals that The Mystic was the one behind the death of Solon and Kalus‘ betrayal by tricking them into getting involved with Thorn in whatever possible way she could think of. Kalus then regains her composure and attempts to avenge her father (as well as make up to everybody else) by attacking Thorn, but is no match for a simple punch thrown by the troll. Kameo quickly catches her stepsister and then the two of them combine their powers by hugging each other. They then charge straight towards Thorn and when Kalus gets a chance, she grabs hold of his head and once again kisses the king (this time on the nose) which turns the two of them into a stone statue. Before

completely turning to stone, Kalus asks Kameo to apologize to the rest of the family for what she did. Then the statue slides off of the airship.
After that happens, the ship starts to explode and fall apart and Kameo is seen falling to her doom whilst unconscious. She eventually lands on something, which (by the time that the clouds have gone by) is revealed to be the top of a small blimp that her friends stole from the trolls which is heading straight for the Enchanted Kingdom. On top of that, Theena also survived the explosion and landed next to the now awake Kameo. Once the camera is done focusing on everybody cheering down below as well as the blimp, the player then sees what happened to Kalus and Thorn. It’s revealed that the two fell to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen or heard from again. After the credits, The Mystic is seen laughing to herself.
[edit]Elemental Warriors

Kameo’s main objective during the game is to return the 10 Elemental Warriors back into the Wotnot and gain the ability to become them, which she must do to progress through the game. At the beginning Kameo has the power of 3 Elemental Warriors, but these are lost during the opening battle. When the warriors were released from the Wotnot they reverted to their physical forms where they are called Elemental Sprites; in these forms they are powerless and have been captured by the Shadow Trolls. Kameo collects the warriors from the Shadow Trolls, or from her relatives when she rescues them.
The concept of playing a shapeshifter who collects more and more shapes was first used in the old Shadowcaster PC game. Kameo differs due to her ability to sprout wings, and is one of the few characters who can jump. With her hover ability she is one of the faster characters, and she is the only character who can pick up items. Kameo also gains the companionship of a horse and a raptor in the Badlands. To upgrade the warriors, to unlock their full potential, collecting Elemental Fruit is necessary.

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